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Information Compliance


The efficient management of the University's records and information is necessary to support its core functions, to comply with its legal and regulatory obligations, and to contribute to the effective management of its activities.

Statement of Records Management Practice

The Information Compliance Office has issued a Statement of Records Management Practice which provides a recommended best practice framework through which University Institutions can achieve compliance.

Master Records Retention Schedule

Sitting beneath the Statement of Records Management Practice is a Master Records Retention Schedule. This is designed to provide advice and guidance to University Institutions on minimum retention periods for various classes of records, including an indication of those records that are or might be suitable for permanent preservation within the University Archives at the University Library. Institutions are encouraged to follow the recommendations in this document which have been formulated in the context of existing University policies and guidelines, national legislation and sector-wide best practice standards.

The Information Compliance Office has also issued a summary of the Schedule. This is a short user-friendly document setting out the recommended minimum retention periods for some of the main types or 'classes' of records that many Institutions (especially School, Faculty and Department offices) will be dealing with on a regular basis.

If you have a query on any aspect of records management that is not answered in the publications above, please contact the Information Compliance Office.