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Information Compliance


General guidance from the Information Compliance Office

As well as the basic information about data protection on the data protection overview page (including the Quick Guide leaflet), the following guidance has been issued by the Information Compliance Office:

For records management and retention guidance, see the records management page.

For links to training courses, see the data protection overview page.


Further information from other parts of the University and external sources

Additional sources of published policy and guidance in particular areas include:



Student data

Photos, videos and recordings


  • Data protection - guidance and resources for Colleges from the Office of Intercollegiate Services

The Jisc Code of Practice for the Further and Higher Education Sectors on the Data Protection Act 1998 used to be the authoritative sector-wide source of guidance on data protection legislation, and was supplemented by other Jisc guidance such as that on research and data protection.  These have not (yet) been updated to reflect the provisions of the GDPR and DPA 2018 but still contain some useful background information.