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Information Compliance


Please note that the information provided on these pages is being wholly rewritten to reflect changes to data protection law arising from the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation and associated legislation. The advice published here should be treated with some caution in the meantime. Please contact the Information Compliance Office with any questions.

General guidance from the Information Compliance Office

The following guidance has been issued by the Information Compliance Office:

After the Data Protection Act 1998 was passed, the University Council set up a Data Protection Working Party to look at the issues it raised and to bring forward policy and procedural proposals. The Working Party reported to Council in July 2000 and the report, which is still of some relevance as well as historical interest, is available as a PDF file:

Further information from other University departments and external sources

The JISC Code of Practice for the Further and Higher Education Sectors on the Data Protection Act 1998 is designed to provide guidance to the HE and FE sectors on issues of specific relevance to their day-to-day operations and is a guide to best practice in this area.

Additional sources of guidance include: