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Information Compliance


The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives individuals extensive rights to request information from the University. Any written requests staff receive requesting information held by the University will fall under the Act.

To help ensure the University complies with the law, please always remember:

  • Any written request (including emails) for information that exists in some way is likely to be covered by the Act.  (Note that a separate piece of legislation, the Environmental Information Regulations 2004, provides a similar albeit formally separate regime for the handling of information requests on environmental topics.)
  • The University must respond within twenty working days to any written request for information that it holds. All weekends and bank holidays, but no other days, are considered non-working days regardless of whether parts of the University are open on a particular day or not.
  • The University places a very wide range of information in the public domain already. As is required under the Act, a guide to this information has been produced and itself published.
  • If you can provide the information yourself and it is part of your day-to-day activity ("business as usual"), such as a prospectus or a leaflet, then please do so. If it is a request for information that is already published on the University website or elsewhere, please direct the requester accordingly. If the information is neither "business as usual" nor published, but can be provided straightforwardly without identifying anyone, incurring any risks or encountering any confidentiality issues, again please send the information.
  • However, if you are in any doubt at all about the nature or content of a request, or how to respond, please contact the University's Information Compliance Office.

A flowchart has been produced to assist staff in considering any request for information they may receive.