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The Information Compliance Office has developed a Data Protection Annual Compliance Checklist for University Faculties, Departments, Divisions and other Institutions.  The checklist sets out a number of practical ‘housekeeping’ actions to be completed on an annual basis by individual University departments to help ensure their ongoing compliance with data protection law.

The checklist was first issued in November 2020.  It was revised and reissued in November 2021 for the academic year 2021-22.

Work on the actions in the checklist should normally be coordinated by the Departmental Administrator (or equivalent), working in collaboration with their departmental colleagues as necessary.  Full guidance notes are included within the checklist itself.  Completion of the checklist is mandatory in 2021-22 and signed copies should be returned to the Information Compliance Office by 29 April 2022.  Queries may be addressed to

November 2021